A good company deal credit.

Difficult to pass through the 1% credit offer from Good Company which is constantly on television at the moment. We decided to decrypt this offer and all the ranges of Good Company credits to find out if they are good deals. We will also compare them to the best offers from the largest credit organizations.

1% Good Company credit: find the best rate

1% Good Company credit: find the best rate

Our credit comparator does not integrate the consumer loan offer from traditional banks such as Good Company 1% credit. Indeed, traditional banks rarely make this type of offer and generally reserve them only for the best customers.

Unlike a Yoabank or Bankil, the banks reserve the cheapest rates for their best customers. Which means having a lot of seniority and especially other products from the bank.

However, our vocation is to find the best credit rates for the greatest number. We want our customers to be accepted at the best rate because if the credit does not pass, it is not of interest.

That’s it done. But what should we really take away from the 1% Good Company credit offer?

Good Company credit at 1%: Decryption

Good Company credit at 1%: Decryption

This offer is above all a marketing hook. Indeed, as we described in our article on the below promo credit rates, hooks like 1% credit or 2.5% credit etc. are offers that are almost always on a 12 month repayment period. However if you take a Good Company work credit 10,000 USD over 12 months for example, the monthly payments will be around 850 USD per month! What almost no one can reimburse! On the other hand, among the call rates, we can say that the 1% credit of Good Company is unbeatable.

Let us admit that the marketing hook of the Good Company credit at 1% has had its effect. Ultimately, customers are likely to ask for longer repayment terms. So let’s take a look at the other Good Company loan offers.

Good Company credit 2% over 24 months

The commercial offer of the moment is quite well constructed since after the 1% credit over 12 months, Good Company offers a 2% credit from 13 to 24 months. And a 2% credit over 24 months from 3000 to 20,000 USD is really a cheap credit. In particular for an Good Company car loan.

Frankly, apart from the auto loan rates promoted by car manufacturers, it is almost unbeatable. Now, 24 months remains a fairly short period and will still generate fairly high monthly payments.

Good Company credit 3% over 36 months

Taking credit over 36 months is starting to be something more common in the world of consumer credit. The Good Company credit offer at 3% over 36 months is objectively a good offer even if it is occasionally possible to find better.

For example on auto credit, as our credit comparator shows, for a request of 15,000 USD over 36 months, we can find fixed taeg rates starting at 2.20%.
Nevertheless, in terms of personal loan, we have not found better than the offer of Good Company credit at 3% taeg fixed.